I am a Software Developer with 20+ years experience of creating various types of software and I can make your apps better.

My most recent completed projects

  • LinkedIn-like intranet web app
  • Coloring book for UWP
  • Advertising/product catalog UWP applications for real estate agency. Lots of design works, new UI controls development, printing various building information, apartments information, playing video on a large screen
  • UWP application for cargo vessels to control ship loading/unloading, various sensor data, ship stability, etc.
  • UWP application for digital artists, traditional artists, photographers. App allows artists to create portfolios, share their entire creative process, from initial sketches to final piece. UI with XAML and Template10, Azure SQL Database and Azure Storage structures to store data. WebAPI app for UWP application.
  • UWP application for Windows 10 IoT Core to control special external hardware (pressure cooker). Implemented state machine to support arbitrary working (cooking) cycles that can be defined by hardware manufacturer. PID controller to fine control long cooking process. SQLite database for storing recipes, images and localized resources. Text to Speech assistance for better user experience.
  • Math worksheets generator using C# and UWP


  • WPF and UWP applications development.
  • Asp.Net
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Entity Framework
  • MVVM
  • MVC