Full-time content writer, with copywriting expertise and an editorial background with NGO-s, publications, and digital agencies. My articles for the tech, media, health, food industry have appeared in various sites, and she's currently the in-house writer for 9+ companies part of Celesi Media Group.

My experience with startups makes her enthusiastic about digital transformation, and her psychology background makes her passionate about products that help make people’s lives easier and better.

I specialize in B2B writing, copywriting, and web content writing. Experienced in personal development blog writing, ad copy, social media, email marketing, etc. I’ve become a skilled writer with a wide range of expertise, having written for the tech, food, advertising, health industry, etc. Writing topics near and dear to my heart: person-first brands writing, personal development, health, relationships, among others.

If you like to get to know people before you put them in charge of a project, check out my website, I'm sure you'll get a better understanding of me, my work, and whether we're a match.